About us & About the models


I’m Sandra and I make all the  model figures here at Essdale Toppers

I work from my home in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, and sculpt figures to be used as cake toppers for all sorts of occasions. Most of my work is now wedding toppers, and I send them all over the country.

I have been making models for about 15 years now and I’m entirely self taught, but ‘ still learning ’.

I thoroughly enjoy making the toppers because each one is different and that makes my job interesting, plus they make me smile too.

About the Toppers

What are they made of

 They are made from  polymer clay, which is a man made clay, usually I use “Fimo" or "Sculpey”. This is a non-edible clay, but is safe to place on top of your cake, plus it also has the  distinct advantage of lasting for years to come, and makes a lovely keepsake.

Making a model

Heads up first.

When I am making a model I start by sculpting 

the shape of the face, then the smile.

I then give them big eyes, which 

makes them more fun .

The pose

I then work on the pose and slowly build up the bodies, and positioning of the heads.

Also I work with the customers details all the time so it becomes a fun representation of the couple, with all the details they supply included if I can. 

Please note these are not meant to be look-a-likes, just fun figures.

The Detail

From  the lace on your dress to the buttons on his chest. 

it's all in the detail.

“That's what  makes  the topper yours.”

Bridesmaids & pageboys

Extra figures are all made in the same way, to get them just how you would like.

Must not forget your pets

They may not be there at the wedding, 

but they can be there on the cake!

Making you smile.

I make all sorts of small animals.

All finished

Remember, there are many, many things that can be made as extras - just ask.

I will look forward to hearing about your ideas.